We LOVE food around here…I mean who doesn’t?! Food is incredible! It’s nourishing, energizing & healing. To us, food has a deeper meaning than just eating. It provides us a chance to be creative in the kitchen experimenting with new foods, an opportunity to understand different cultures & people around the world, it connects us with Earth, and it deepens our relationships with those we share a meal with.

Risa is a Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer with a lot of experience creating mouthwatering recipes! Below are recipes that she has developed for you to enjoy! We hope you love them like we do!




As a Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer Risa has also written many evidence-based nutrition articles. Click the link below to learn more.

Nutrition Articles Written by a Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer

Included below are more foodie experiences that we’ve had trying new foods around the world! Click on the video watch us try or make some incredibly delicious food!



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